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What's So Uncommon About Wisdom?

There are tons of children's books out there. Tons. And tons of Bible-based themes of those books.There is nothing uncommon about that!

So, what's so "uncommon" about Uncommon Wisdom?

Well, for one thing, the main character is an adult; an adult male to be precise. Most children's books do not have a single adult in the pages, unless it is the"Wah-wah Wah-wah-wah" voice in the background of a Peanut's character, or the feet and legs of a potential adult standing in the room without much influence.

The second thing is that ot only is Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom a male, a kindly elderly gentleman, who represents an authority figure to the children in the cafeteria. Wisdom has years on him. Time and experience and stories to tell of his journey with the "Lawd" in this "upside-down-side, hind-part-before side, inside Kingdom of God".

The third unusual characteristic of Uncommon Wisdom is that the narrator of this first book, "Uncommon Wisdom: Wisdom Never Changes" is an adult woman; a mother, who understands from her daughter that the mentor she admired as a child is still employed by the elementary school she attended over twenty years before.

Multi-generational, authority figures makng a positive impact on the next generations; that's the theme of this book. Consistency. Discipline, Self-respect. Pride in accomplishment. Responsibility and good stewardship. That's what's different.

Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom is introduced as a kindly gentleman with "wisdom" for children through his storytelling, but he is more. As stories in books to come, we will learn he is husband of a good wife, Pearl, whom he cherishes and praises affectionately for her "Pearls" of wisdom. He is the father of two fine sons, both fathers, both upstanding citizens and role models on their own account, and proud grandfather of five. Oh, and we can't forget, Wisdom is also the owner and guardian of three adorable, albeit mischieveous pups; OtisRedding, Haywood and Stubblefield, the source of many of Wisdom's story lessons.

So, what's uncommon about Uncommon Wisdom? Family. Family connectedness. Family history passed on to the next generations. Family communiated to those whose connectedness is frayed, flawed or otherwise tangled without a solid biblical foundation. Uncommon Wisdom is willing to stand in the gap, to pray, to speak a word in season, and to be a friend who can, above all, be trusted. Wisdom will be a teaching tool for parents, encouraging dads and moms to get involved in the training of biblical truths in their household. After all, Wisdom always says, "Dads and Moms, no one is more qualified to teach your kids about the most important thing they'll ever learn; Bible Truth! It's easy, and you can do it!"

Follow Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom and his uncommon adventures of the "upside downside, hind-part-before side, inside Kingdom of God in "Uncommon Wisdom: Wisdom Never Changes: and look for his stories in books to come.

J. Lynn Thomas, author

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