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Meet the Author

Lynn Thomas is a storyteller, writer, psalmist, homemaker, business owner, enthusiastic church volunteer,  and lifelong student of the Word of God.  Lynn holds a B.A. in theology and resides in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

How Wisdom Came to Be

Hi, I'm Lynn. Author of the Wisdom series. I'm glad you stopped by! 

I like to tell the story of how Wisdom came to be. The Wisdom stories are slightly different from the children's books in most bookstores. In other words, What's So Uncommon About Wisdom?  Read here to find out.


But first, who is Wisdom and where did he come from?


So, when I was a little girl both my paternal and maternal grandmothers lived on the same block in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia. Coincidentally, both of them were named Carrie. Very unusual for both your grandmothers to have the same name! My paternal grandmother, Carrie, was a great southern cook. Every Sunday dinner of the world we sat around her dining room table for fried chicken, macaroni salad, (made with homemade Chow-Chow), green beans, cooked with ham hocks, 'till they practically fell apart, fresh yeast rolls and sweet potato pie. It is no coincidence that Wisdom is a cook! I inherited the cooking gene, and I spent many years as an event planner and caterer, using some of her time-tested recipes, which I have passed along to Wisdom to share. 


But it was my maternal grandmother, Carrie Lee, who personifies Wisdom in character, personality, and heart. She was not only a great storyteller, a great listener, picking up on the heart of every question with the perfect reassuring answer, straight from the book of Wisdom, the Bible. Her stories were colorful and accented with songs. And not to be outdone, dropping in with his own brand of puppy tales, was my granddaddy, Pop, who supplied the sights and sounds of old hound dogs, hoot owls, and brought to life every kind of critter he encountered in the woods.


Through the years my friends heard my stories, spiced with puppy dog sounds and colorful renditions of current events. 


One day I asked my best friend Judy what she’d like for her birthday. Judy, who is so loved by so many, including her husband, Richard, is one of those blessed people who have all the “stuff” she needs.  So,  you know what she wanted for her birthday?  “Write the book”, she said. “Tell the stories of Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom for all little boys and girls and that will be my best birthday present ever!” 


And so, I did. 


Then I found the best illustrator, Tracey Arvidson, who brought Wisdom “to life”. And so the stories begin.

How Wisdom Thinks

You might think Wisdom likes to quote himself, but every time he says, “Wisdom always says…” he’s quoting something he read in his Bible -- every day for the last sixty-something years. Yes, "wisdom" doesn’t come quickly. It takes years to know what Wisdom knows! And if there’s one thing Wisdom has learned, it is never to act or react to people or circumstances until you “GET WISDOM” – that is, God’s word on the subject. He waits on God for guidance, strength, and instruction. And that always includes great JOY. Because one thing Wisdom knows is that everybody is wired for LOVE. And Wisdom’s job is to change the world, “one smile at a time”.

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